Truth and Bone (Heather Nova)

In 1994, Heather Nova’s album “Oyster” helped me get through one my most difficult times. It was our first year in suburbia, and the culture shock was much more than we expected. Oyster is a very dark and emotional album, but “Truth and Bone” was one of the most upbeat songs on the album, at least musically.

At one time, Heather’s music was really edgy, and the way I feel about it, her earlier material is her strongest because of it. She’s still making albums today, and some of it is great stuff, and overall more mellow, but it doesn’t push the envelope as much anymore. Still, her early stuff is absolutely wonderful (she did have a couple of minor hits from her “Siren” album), although it can take repeated listening to really appreciate. “Truth and Bone” is one of her most accessible tracks, but it is gorgeous, and a great introduction to her talent.

The entire “Oyster” album is such a significant and unappreciated gem, that I just have to write about it one day.

A beautiful live performance:

The official video from the more mainstream (but still great) single version:

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