The Rain,The Park and Other Things (The Cowsills)

I became a huge music fan in the mid ’60s, and fell in love with bubblegum music back then. And there is no better bubblegum song than the 1967 “The Rain,The Park and Other Things” by The Cowsills, from Rhode Island. Actually, I’d call this bubblegum psychedelia. The harmonies take my breath away. It’s no wonder my first favorite group was The Partridge Family, which was loosely based upon this family-oriented band (except for the darker undertow of the real family).

It wasn’t until decades later that I realized the name of the song was not “I Love the Flower Girl.”

Hair” is great (and so very different), but nothing from The Cowsills comes close to this one. It reminds me of such an innocent time, and such a love for life. It will always remain magical in my heart.