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Fury in the Slaughterhouse is a German band, led by two brothers, more popular in the UK than in the US. They’ve been mentioned as the “U2 of Germany”, but it seems that many bands have been called the “U2 of this, or of that, or they were inspired by U2”, etc. Hey, U2 is my favorite band, but it’s not a fair yardstick for most other bands.

They had one truly commercially successful album back in 1994 — “Mono”, which is an excellent album overall. But easily the standout track of this album, and of their entire career, was this one — “Every Generation Got Its Own Disease”. It may not appear “magical,” especially in light of its dark lyrics, but the music is infectious, and it has stood the test of time for me.

I’ve constantly gone back for “another listen” over the past 15 years, and love playing the guitar to this rhythmic, driving song. This is one of songs which reach its peak in a powerful fadeout, and makes you hope it never ends. You won’t experience this as well in the single version, featured in the video, so I strongly recommend the full album version.

747 (Kent)

Back in January of 1999, I took the longest flight of my life (at the time). It was a nine hour trip to Barcelona, for business, on my first (and only, to date) trek out of the USA. I spent a lot of time on that flight listening to Swedish band Kent’s Isola album (English version). The whole album is excellent, but the one song that has stuck with me forever is the closing track, “747”, which, not coincidentally is 7:47.

It seems fitting that such a fond memory of my first transatlantic flight is coincidentally a song with that theme (Boeing 747).

I love songs that start slow, building with anticipation, finishing with a swelling, long, powerful fadeout. The second half of the song is the instrumental outro, with some memorable guitar riffs and an addictive keyboard melody. I love strumming the guitar to this one. One of my all time favorite songs.

I don’t know much more about Kent (yet), but from what I understand, Isola was the first album they recorded in English. This song had been their show closer for years — and what a powerful way to close a show!

Full Album (Isola) – Listen to Track 12:

English (Single Version):

Swedish (Full Version):

English (Full Version):