Puddle of Grace (Amy Jo Johnson)

I only went to a NYC college (Baruch) for one semester, before transferring. Well, I did go back a couple of part time semesters to Pace, years later. But that first semester had a major impact on my life and my love for NYC.

I immediately took to the Felicity TV series (created by the now famous J.J Abrams), mainly because of its NYC college setting and atmosphere. There are several songs which, for me, have a NYC college air to it. “Puddle of Grace” by the former Pink Power Ranger and co-star of the first few seasons of Felicity, Amy Jo Johnson, is one of them.

I believe it was season three, shortly before she initially left the series, where she got to play her own song in an episode in a pub performance. I’ve always loved the music featured in Felicity, but this one was really special.

If you want to find the original studio recording of the song, it’s available on the first Felicity soundtrack album:

For just an MP3 of a live performance, from her “Imperfect” live album:

For a listen to the original studio recording:

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