Hello world!

I’m hijacking the default sample “new WordPress blog” post to welcome you to share one of my passions — that edge of the musical world where magic lives.  The kind of music which takes us to a place and time we can usually only travel in our hearts and our minds.  The music that takes us to another level of consciousness.  A place where some people use drug as their vehicle, but where we use the most natural drug of all — music.

Join me in sampling some of the most magical music I’ve ever been privileged to have experienced.  And in turn, I look forward to sharing in the music that makes you feel the same.

There are no boundaries in the music that takes us there.  I’ll begin the conversation with a lot of the most special music that I have ever experienced, both in song and in album, from classical to pop / rock.  But feel free to continue the conversation in whatever music touches you.

I’ll see you where magic meets music…

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