Hi.  My name is Mark Freedman, and like many of you, music is a huge part of my life.  The music I will write about here make up the soundtrack of my life.  Without it, much of my day would be colorless.  I’ve been a fan of music since I was a little kid in the ’60s, and continue to listen to all music from all decades since then (and even earlier).  But I never just live in the past.  I am always looking for new and exciting music.  I find it fantastic that so much of today’s music borrows from all eras, and that today’s new music fans show a more eclectic interest in music than in any time in history.  Kids today show an appreciation for music, not only from their cultures and eras, but from other times and places as well.  If we can only convince everyone that music MUST remain a part of any school curriculum…  but despite that, it’s human nature to gravitate towards music.  So there’s always hope.

My daytime (and often nighttime) role is Senior Director of Software Development at an extremely successful dot com on the east coast of the USA.  My full time role is husband and father.  And I’m totally addicted to my wife.

I have (way too) many interests, ranging from computers and programming, music, baseball, guitar, productivity, self improvement, and learning anything and everything. Like most people, I need 48 to 72 hours in a day to do the things I want to do, and if I ever got those many hours, I’d just need more. Sleep is overrated.

I’m also a huge fan of lifelong learning, and as such, I help run the Fairfield / Westchester .NET User Group and the Fairfield / Westchester SQL Server User Group.  I’m working on turning that passion into the next phase of my career.

You can reach me directly at Mark at MarkFreedman.com.